Life coaching is a luxurious gift to yourself. It is basically an investment in your belief system, an affirmation that there is something that needs reconfiguring or refreshing or re-examining in your life. Imagine how it feels to create goals with an interested, objective outsider, and then to design actions every week to make those goals a reality.

My clients come to me with ideas and then we partner to bring those to fruition.Week by week, action by action, baby step by baby step, progress is made. Whether through gentle exploration or bold self-discovery or a combination of both, the book gets written, the dream job is landed, the broken spirit is nurtured back to health.

If there's one thing all of my clients have in common, it's that they're people who have a fire in their belly and want to live their lives with passion and purpose. They are willing to ask themselves probing questions in order to make sweeping, courageous changes where necessary for growth.

Perhaps if you have come this far, you are wondering if life coaching is for you. Take a look at my four-step plan and see what you think:


Ask yourself these questions honestly and thoughtfully:

  • Have you set goals for yourself recently?
  • Do you generally see things through?
  • Do you keep your New Year's resolutions? Do you even make them?
  • Are you wondering whether your career path is the correct one for you at this point in your life?
  • Have you given up on writing, painting, photography, music or some other creative outlet?
  • If you're an artist, have you had a show, a concert, or been published?
  • Do you often wish your life had more balance?
  • Are you living as healthy a life as you can?
  • Are you tired of seeing others realize their dreams? Or seeing them realize your dreams?

If you find any of the answers unsettling, keep reading.


Contact me for a one-hour consultation. It's a win-win scenario. You will get a taste of what coaching can do for you. We can determine if we have the right "chemistry" to work together effectively. You will come away with concrete, inspiring goals and a sense of clarity and vision. I will quote you a fee at the conclusion of the session.


Determine whether you would like to move forward with one-on-one coaching or in a group coaching setting. With both options, you will be kept in action, be encouraged to stay focused on your goals and have built-in accountability.

Individual Coaching Options:

A. 12 consecutive weeks, one-hour session per week

B. 12 consecutive weeks, half-hour session per week

C. 12 alternating weeks, one-hour session per week

Options A and C can be conducted on the telephone or in person. Option B is a telephone-only option.

Note: Fees are established at the end of the consultation and will be divided into monthly payments.

Group Coaching Options:

A. Eight consecutive weeks, two-hour session per week

B. Eight alternating weeks, two-hour session per week

Groups will consist of a minimum of four people plus the life coach. They are conducted in Manhattan and Hoboken (New Jersey). Day and evening hours are available.


Begin your affirming, life-altering experience knowing there is nothing else quite like it.